Please note, we sell model trucks, not model boxes.

Original Manufacturer's display boxes are occasionally damaged during shipment from the factory. We do our best to replace them, however it is not always possible due to limitted availability.

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Custom Production Runs

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We offer extremely detailed, high quality, adult diecast models in 1:64 scale. These items are the mainstay of many companies when it comes to showcasing their fleets and are also the primary product in this scale when it comes to collectors.  Pricing is dependent on several factors to include production numbers and options.

We differ from many other companies by working with you to purchase smaller quantities of your model. With most producers and dealers, the minimum production run numbers are 504 pieces. We understand that’s a lot of trucks, so we try to offer several purchase options to fit your needs and budgets.

We also work with you through the initial planning stages of your models and offer services, currently only available through our companies, to include basic artwork within a matter of days and multi-view three-dimensional Computer Generated Graphics so you can see what the model will look like before it gets too far into production to make changes.


While a basic run is 504 pieces. This number may be split into two paint schemes of 252, proving each model is identically outfitted. This number may be further reduced to a total of 252 overall if we can partner the run with another order or run it jointly with another dealer. Additionally, if the 252 pieces is still more than you need, we can generally take the remaining pieces to the collector market by offering them to our network of dealers. We can often bring your replica trucks to life with a commitment from you for under 100 pieces.

We offer a variety of replica cab models from manufacturers such as Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mack, Volvo and International. 

Trailers used in most industries are available to include several vans, flatbeds, lowboys, dumps, tanks, dry-bulks, lowboys and even bridge beam haulers. Several truck-based models are also available including dump-trucks, box-trucks, and heavy wreckers. We will work closely with you to choose the correct cab, trailer, and parts in order design the best model to fit your needs, and to replicate your company’s fleet.


The models are assembled in China and production times are lengthy, and it’s not uncommon for a project to take a year or more from start to finish. Production generally takes between twenty-six and twenty-eight weeks from the time of final artwork approval to the time the product arrives in the States. Payment terms require a deposit (amount to be determined) with the remaining amount due when the products arrive at the warehouse. Freight charges will be added with all items shipping from Peosta, Iowa.


We look forward to hearing from you and moving forward with your new design. Email us today to get started.

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